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Career Opportunity

Conference Calls - We host multiple live conference calls each week to assist new representatives entering into the business, as well as pass on success stories, tips and motivation to our existing agents. Joining our conference calls ensures you will always be the first to know what’s happening in the business. Miss a call? Not a problem. Conference calls are recorded and available for you in your Business Office at your convenience.

Agent Support - Whether you have questions regarding compensation, Business Office inquires or simply need to know more about your opportunity, our live Agent Support team at the Corporate Office will be happy to help. Email your questions at any time or give us a call, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, EST.

Train From Home/Online - Your Business Office hosts varies detailed videos on how to get started in the business and is consistently being updated. Learn what to do when you’re new, how to get promoted and break down the compensation plan. We’ve also included sample scripts on how to address prospective customers and agents, as well as how to answer any questions that may arise. Training forms are provided to help you plan out your promotions, list potential contacts and cover all the basics on succeeding as a new representative.

Local Trainings - FES has representatives all throughout the United States, hosting meetings and events which offer training and tips for success. Not only do live trainings build your knowledge of the business, but they offer the opportunity of networking with local representatives.