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Nicola Smith Jackson
Loganville, GA:

"I am grateful to God for the FES Opportunity. I’ve always had big dreams of becoming successful, but had no clue of how it would happen. After quitting college, I became a hair stylist and real estate pro, which led to working 12-14 hour days for 20 years before I learned about the work-from-home industry. As a wife, mom of four growing boys and one disabled, I needed an opportunity that would give me more income and time flexibility with my family. While I did make a lot of money with my first work-from-home opportunity, I didn’t get time with family like I wanted. Then, a friend introduced me to FES after a financial crisis hit my family…I’m forever grateful because I really needed the services! Now, it’s been five years since I said "YES to FES" and my life has truly changed! I’ve become Pinnacle Senior Vice President, earned the Bentley, house payment and numerous company cruises. I will always remain humbled and honored for my TEAM of servent leaders, FES founders Parmial Naik and Mike Toloff, and the entire corporate team for their support, hard work and dedication. BIG DREAMS require a COMMITTED TEAM!"

Ashton Henry
Pembrook Pines, FL:

"When I started with the company, I was trying to get my personal finances in order. After experiencing great results, I began sharing what FES offers with other people I knew through my tax business and ended up becoming an agent. My journey with FES has been on exciting one. Helping people learn about personal finance is so satisfying when you watch them go from struggling to success! Becoming an entrepreneur with FES has transformed my life, having the freedom to travel, spend time with my family and set my own schedule has been a dream come true."

Alfred Nickson
Porter Ranch, CA:

"Financial Education Services has been a complete game changer! This company has given some of my closest friends and family their buying power back by utilizing the services and understanding the importance of developing a strong financial plan for the future. There is no greater pleasure than to see the smiles on our agents and customers’ faces as they set new financial goals for them and their families. Changing lives every day is what FES is all about."

Jean Kimpson, McDonough, GA:

"Never in a million years did we hope or dream that there could be an opportunity that would potentially replace my Six Figure Real Estate income, create a secure lifestyle, an at the same time build a legacy for my family. As a broker and owner of our 34-year old family-owned real estate company, our income decreased tremendously when the market crashed. It was stressful we were struggling and uncertain of our future. Thanks to being introduced to Financial Education Services five years ago, everything has changed. It’s so incredible being in business with no overhead, owning my time, and serving others, yet receiving mentorship and training that allows me to build a big business nationwide. I’m not sure what life would be like today had we not made a decision to join this amazing company. FES can and will change your life if you get started, trained, follow the system and dream big. My family and I are truly blessed."

Robin Robinson
Decatur, GA:

"I joined FES during one of my toughest times in my life. I couldn’t imagine more than what I could see in my circumstances, and my abilities were limited. I had to be willing to expose myself to a different world by exploring what other agents have managed to achieve, and let that help me develop my vision of what I wanted. It was my vision that gave me strength in tough circumstances. "

"FES has allowed me to impact the lives of others. It has been exciting and rewarding. Achieving R&R levels 1-4 has been amazing. Walking away from corporate America was the BEST decision I ever made! I am so grateful to my mentor Nicola Smith-Jackson for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. I have now found the vehicle to achieve my dreams and help others do the same. My ultimate mission is to help thousands gain power with financial freedom. "

Bruce Rochester
Fort Lauderdale, FL:

"Most people see the glory, but they don’t know the story.

I’m a high school drop out. Worked at a call center for over 10 years. Relied on pay day loans. Overworked and under paid. I was struggling financially.

Got started with FES. My finances drastically changed. I was able to have the time freedom I wanted.

Fast forward. I was able to purchase the car I wanted and the condo I wanted. I am living life on my own terms.

FES has changed my family tree. We are the first millionaires in our family. Both Nandi and I get to give our kids everything and more. I am extremely thankful."

Lakeisha Marion
Fort Lauderdale, FL:

"I joined this amazing company in 2014 and now today I am happy to hold the prestigious position of Senior Vice President.

I have achieved great success after joining this amazing company. I was able to turn my home, that was once in foreclosure, into an investment property.

As a young child, one of my dreams was to live on the beach. I was able to accomplish this with FES.

I am proud to say today that with the FES opportunity, I was able to break the generational curse of poverty over my family. I am in a position to provide for my mother and grandmother.

One of most satisfying accomplishments was to create a platform to help young men and women to accomplish Financial Freedom with our opportunity.

I like to thank my entire team and without God none of this would be possible."

Jasmine Williams

"As a stay at home mom, you tend to put yourself on the back burner. A good friend of mine introduced me to the opportunity, and at first I told her I needed to think about it. But then, it clicked in my head: this makes sense. I can help a lot of people. "

Michael Burgos
Plantation, FL:

"I was a banker at wells Fargo 2 years ago. I thought I had a good until I found myself and extreme debt. I was stressed, broke, and working 60 to 100 hours per week. I was looking for way out of corporate America so I could have time, freedom, and earn a little bit more. I reached out my friend on Facebook and he shared the FES info with me, and it made sense for me to get involved.

I borrowed the money to get started. While working the business part time, I was able to pay all my debt within two months being involved in the company. I became a Regional Vice President in 90 days and decided to go full time. It’s been a great journey. I am grateful to be on a platform where "time freedom" is possible if you are willing to sacrifice temporarily and follow our system. "

Cortez Jenkins

"I was driving uber 12 hours a day, 7 days a week…and within four months of me joining FES, I was able to walk away from Uber. It’s given me time freedom to have with my wife and my grandbaby. The big thing is the mentorship and personal development. I’ve had a lot of different businesses and been fairly successful, but I’ve never really had a mentor that would really show me the ins and outs of how to be successful and really how to build a huge team. I’ve got to give it back to the FES Leadership."